Convention Letter

Delegates / Alternates:

Thank you for dedicating a beautiful spring day to helping our party to get back on track. The party is only as strong as those that choose to help, and you have chosen to make our party strong through your commitment as a Congressional Delegate. Thank you.

I would like to ask you to make another decision as well. I am running for National Delegate and I am asking for your support. As the Mayor of Mantorville, I have worked with my Council to actually reduce our tax rate, improve our infrastructure and reduce the size of local government. We were able to achieve this by looking for areas that unite us as opposed to focusing on areas that divide us. Together we were able to make our community better and stronger though cooperation and respect. We can do the same thing with our country. I look forward to sharing my experiences and success with my fellow national delegates and to also solicit new ideas that we may be able to implement here in Minnesota.

The 2016 election cycle was both exciting and entertaining with every candidate commanding passion for his or her views. This passion brought new focus and attention to our party. We now must keep that passion going and continue to fight for our party.

We will focus on what unites us!
  1. We must defeat the failed liberal socialist agenda.
  2. We must reclaim our country and restart the economy
  3. We must return heath care to the private sector
  4. We will rededicate ourselves to the sanctity and protection of innocent human life!
  5. We will re-establish the Rule of Law as laid out in the Constitution
Once again, the world will look to the United States for leadership.

I would be honored and humbled to share our common voice as Minnesotans in Charlotte. Together we will choose the next President of the United States.
Please vote for Chuck Bradford for National Delegate.

Thank you, and God Bless

Chuck Bradford
   Prepared and paid for by Chuck Bradford