Family: Chuck and Abby have been married for over 29 years. They have a two beautiful children Spencer 12 and Sandra 10. One of Chuck's driving motivations is his desire to leave an even better State for Spencer and Sandra than the one in which he was raised. Chuck will leverage his passion to fight for our shared conservative values.

Community: Chuck continues to be involved with his local community. He has been a member of ad-hoc community organizations that are formed to better the community environment and in more formal groups including City Council, Planning and Zoning, Economic Development, Fire Department liaison and city infrastructure. As a member of the Kasson-Mantorville Lions club, Chuck has served his community as a volunteer by raising money and working on community improvement projects. Chuck's volunteerism has served both Dodge and Olmsted counties promoting tourism, local projects and local policy issues. Chuck also volunteers on the Welch Village Ski Patrol where he helps provide emergency medical assistance to injured skiers. Chuck understands that serving, as an elected official is the highest form of community service.

Leadership: Abby and Chuck have owned and operated a small business for over 20 years. While operating a small business, you learn how to identify between wants and needs, how to maximize return on investment and minimize waste. Chuck brought these skills to the office of Mayor. As a Systems Architect, Chuck has had to manage teams of 20 or more people, prioritize work loads and deliver complex systems on time and budget. Chuck has a proven track record of providing successful leadership in demanding environments.

Education: Chuck has a BS from Iowa State University where he studied Electrical Engineering, Industrial Technology and Computer Science. Both Abby and Chuck were raised in the Christian faith and they are raising their son in the Christian faith as well. Chuck understands that faith is not simply what you say on a single day of the week, but it is also how you live your life every day of the week.

Interest: Chuck enjoys spending time with his family. Their outdoor activities of interest include downhill skiing, taking the dogs for walks, boating, waterskiing, hunting and fishing. Both Abby and Chuck are certified SCUBA divers. Restoring muscle cars is a past time Chuck enjoys.

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