In 2012 during my first campaign for Mayor, I focused on a unique solution-based approach to keeping taxes low while providing the best possible services to the citizens of Mantorville. The chart below reflects both my campaign goals and the progress the City Council and myself have made towards these objectives.

Campaign Goals


Rent property that the City currently uses for storage.

The City rented part of the radiator shop to a business.

Identify and Implement non-tax based revenues

AT&T installed antennas on top of our water tower and the City is receiving $900 per month in lease payments.

Identify areas for cost reductions

By rearranging priorities, leasing rather than purchasing, leveraging the Joint Venture group and considering used rather than new equipment, the City kept most projects on track and met our projected obligations.

Keep taxes low.

Avoid new taxes

First Year Tax Levy increase of Zero % with a 1% levy decrease the second year following through to a 7% decrease for 2018.


When the final agreement for the Waste Water Treatment Plant was presented to the City of Mantorville and our proposed cost had substantially increased, the City Council re-examined all the options, including building our own new plant. However, when we sat down with the City of Kasson and re-negotiated the cost structure even adding some new protections for Mantorville we reduced the cost of a future upgrade. We were able to show a substantial savings for the citizens of Mantorville. We reduced our ownership from 20% to 17% saving 3% on all upgrades.

We lobbied the State Bonding Committee for financial help on the construction of the new Waste Water Treatment Plant. The result of this effort was a contribution from the State in the amount of $1.8 million dollars. That is almost $2 million that 1200 Mantorville citizens don't have to come up with.

During the six years I have been Mayor, the City has yet to raise the tax rate for property taxes. In fact the rate for 2018 went down by 7%. Traditionally the rate has been raised by 3% to 10% a year. I even went as far to donate my full net salary back to help keep the tax rate from raising. I believe Responsible stewardship for the City includes maintaining our heritage while promoting economic growth.

Plans for 2019

  • Continued commitment to maintaining a low tax burden for Mantorville citizens

  • Expand branding efforts for City utilizing it's new brand

  • Promote existing business

  • Secure additional grant money for unfunded mandates and Infrastructure needs

  • Planning and coordinating Highway 57 rebuild scheduled for 2022

  • Comprehensive plan for sidewalks within the City

I would be honored to continue to serve as your Mayor for another term.

Thank You

   Prepared and paid for by Chuck Bradford